- Entertainer, Artist & Singer

Artistic experience

I have always been entertaining family and friends at parties.
I have also made various performances at weddings, corporate parties and funerals.
Favorite songs to perform are "Summertime", "You raise me up" and "Anthem" from the "Chess" musical.

2010 Skills, the Movie, extra as a pay per view viewer of Ultimate fighting internetshows.

2009 Extra as a taxidriver in season 2 of the Swedish Tv 4 series "Sentenced but not guilty".

2009 Acting role in a commercial for the Swedish internetoperator Bredbandsbolaget as a musician.

2009 Extra as an industrial worker in a commercial for the Finnish newspaper Ilto Sanomat.

2009 Extra in a Swedish Burger King commercial as an insect, a bee.

2009 Competed in the tvgameshow "Tvviewer of the year" on Swedish Tv4.

2008 Competed in Swedish public tv, SVT, quizshow "Who knows the most", "Vem vet mest".

2008 Extra as a ameusmentparkvisitor in a commercial for the Finnish brand "KEKKILÄÄ" plantation retailstores.

2008 Acting role as a mafia torpedo in a movie reenactment for Swedish public education tv "Ur - Utbildningsradion".

2007 Extra as a family father seeking well fare in the novel movie "The ballad of Marie Nord and her wellfare clients" staring Sofia Helin from the Arn movie.

2007 Extra as a kebab restaurant worker in a re make of the music video "Be mine" with international pop star "Robyn", that will be shown on MTV worldwide.

2007 Extra as a dentist in the promo for Swedish public tv channel, SVT, childrens programming "Bolibompa/Folkoteket".

2007 A novel film "Away is good", directed by Ulf Friberg and Saltfilm. Extra as a dyeing chef.
Link: "Away is Good", Borta bra...

2007 Swedish Tv4 commercial for the webbsite "Panelen", extra.

2007 Acting part in commercial for Swedish flower vendor Interflora, by students from Kulturama film school in Stockholm.
Helena Lehmus, Lisabi Fridell, Robin Wallin och Fredrik Askebris. Primarily for student purposes, might not be for public broadcasting.

2007 Supporting role as a mean spirited car salesman boss in the short film "When the fortune turns",
directed and written by director Rozbeh Ganjali from The Gamleby director school outside the city of Västervik, Sweden.

2007 Lead role as "Marouf" with Rolf Apelqvist as "Hasse" in the short film "The Apple tree" about friendship
by students from Kulturama film school in Stockholm. Robin Wallin, Fredrik Askebris, Helena Lehmus and Lisabi Fridell.

2006 Acting part as store clerk in a bear outfit in the movie "Wonderful and beloved by all"
with and by Martina Haag, director Hannes Holm. premiere August 24 th 2007.

2006 The Swedish drama Institute, studio practice, Gospel concert, extra

2006 An acting part as a super hero in a commercial film for the Swedish electronic retail brand On Off.
Broad casted in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

2006 Extra as a taxi driver and a christmas shopper in a Garmin Gps commercial
broad casted in all of The Usa especially during American Football games.

2006 The Swedish drama institute, music video, extra and dancer.

2006 German radio channel "Motor FM" commercial, Meterfilm, extra, party participant.

2006 Repriseing the role as super hero at the electronic retail brand On Offs kickoff party.

2006 Advanced extra in the movie "Gangster", premiere April 27th 2007 staring Mikael Persbrandt.

2006 Extra in a the Swedish movie "A red eye" ("Ett öga rött"), as a monk who becomes member of the Swedish government.

2006 Extra as a office clerk in a commercial for the Swedish insurance company "Trygghansa".

2006 Idol 2006, applicant sang "You raise me up".

2006 Featured in a picture in the Stockholm issue of the newspaper "Metro",
may 13th page 12 as applicant for idol 2006.

2006 Competed in Deal or no Deal at TV4 six times.

2005 Interviewed and a singing performance
in Swedish national radio channel 3, culture magazine "Flipper".

2005 Tv pilot of a musical show casting reality program. "Jarowskij",
was the tv production company and the show was pitched against TV4 in Sweden.

2004 Intensive singing classes at Kulturama

2004 Idol 2004 applicant sang "Anthem" and "O sole mio" as I was portrayed as the "fourth tenor".

2004 My own song composed by Andreas Weiss, lyrics and vocals by me,
was played in nine local Swedish radio channels. "För på fredan var då du kom",
translates, "Because you came on a friday".

2004 Semi finalist in the Swedish championships of karaoke.

2004 "Ordjakten" translates "The hunt for words", TV4, contestant, I won.

2003 Interviewed by Chinese CCTV about touristing in Thailand for a Chinese travelshow.

2003 Semifinalist in the Swedish championships of karaoke.

2003 Won a karaoke contest at "Viking Line cruises".

2001 My own song composed by Andreas Weiss, lyrics and vocals by me,
was played in a few local Swedish radio channels. "Give you my time"

2000 Extra in the movie "Jönssonligan spelar högt". Swedish gangster comedy.

2000 Extra, contestant in the pilot show of "Who wants to be a millionaire", TV4.

1999 Extra in a crime reconstruction in "Efterlyst",TV3. Similar to "Americas most wanted".

1999 An acting part in the coffee commercial "Evergood" showed in Norway.

1998 My own song composed by Andreas Weiss, lyrics and vocals by me,
was played in Swedish national radio channel 3
and radio Budapest in Hungary. "Don´t believe".

1998 Extra "Skilda världar", tv 4. A soap opera show.

1997 My own songs composed by Andreas Weiss, lyrics and vocals by me,
was played in tursem Turkish tourist radio. Two millions daily audience.
"Catch the flies", "I saw you", "You came to me", "I do you right".

1997 Musical artist for Express travel/Tursem in Turkey.
1995 Extra in "Tre kronor" on Swedish channel Tv4. A soapopera show.

1995 Sang with different live bands in Agadir in Morocco.

1993 Intensive singing classes at Kulturama

1988-2002 Singing classes for mr Lennart Bjelke.

1985 Singing classes for mr Leo Lando.

1983-1985 "Vår teater" translates "Our theater" (for children).
Played a silent shy book worm, my strict opposite personality, and got brilliant reviews.

1978 In an interview for Swedish public radiochannel 3 as a swimschoolgraduate.

1977 Childprogram, Minifunkarna, participant for SVT, Swedish public television.
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